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Dr. Scott Atlas: Fauci’s Legacy Is a Public Health Fiasco



In a recent segment on “The Ingraham Angle,” former Trump COVID-19 adviser Dr. Scott Atlas delivered a scathing critique of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s handling of the pandemic. The discussion was sparked by Fauci’s remarks about standing up to President Trump and his endorsement of hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Atlas did not hold back, calling Fauci’s legacy a “public health fiasco” and condemning his policies for causing widespread harm. “Fauci’s legacy is presiding over the biggest failure, the most moral disaster in public health history,” Atlas asserted, pointing to the negative impacts on millions of people, especially children, and the erosion of trust in science and public health.

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Atlas criticized Fauci for promoting mandates without solid data and fostering division among Americans. He recounted Fauci’s authoritarian stance, citing, “You want to go to school, you take the vaccine. You want to go to work, you take the vaccine,” as examples of elite disdain for ordinary people. This, Atlas argued, illustrated the dangerous consequences of powerful individuals disregarding the needs of the populace.

Laura Ingraham joined the criticism, highlighting the unnecessary fear and economic fallout caused by Fauci’s guidance. She pointed out the disproportionate focus on vaccines and mandates while dismissing effective therapeutics and natural immunity. Ingraham stressed that many healthy individuals and young people did not need the vaccine, calling Fauci’s messaging a “lie” that the country accepted out of fear.

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In a heated exchange, Atlas drew parallels between the social divisiveness during the pandemic and historical periods of authoritarian rule. “People were calling the police on their neighbors for having more than four people in their house,” he said, likening it to Nazi Germany and condemning the pseudoscience that fueled such behaviors.

Atlas emphasized the need for accountability and integrity in public health leadership. He accused Fauci of refusing to admit his errors, which he argued was essential for restoring trust and civility in society. “We cannot let history be rewritten,” Atlas stated, urging for the truth to prevail.

Laura Ingraham praised Atlas for his steadfastness and integrity, reaffirming her belief in the necessity of holding public health leaders accountable for their actions. She concluded the segment by stressing the importance of admitting errors and ensuring transparency in public health policies.