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Democrats Must Own Up To Their Failures



LAURA INGRAHAM: The same people who supported the Fauci approach to COVID — the lockdowns, social distancing, VAX mandates, work from home, all the school closures — are now bemoaning the results of their own policies…

Now, who would have predicted this? Well, the lingering effects of shutting kids out of education, sports, even social interaction with other kids, they have been horrific…

Biden Administration is Just Losing Control of its COVID Narrative

Well, look, we all know that church attendance was declining long before COVID started. But we also know that it accelerated the fall-off, and we know stories of young people, especially in blue states, who just stopped playing sports altogether after almost two years without them. Biden’s medical cartel chief repeatedly blamed school athletics for the spread of the virus. Well, it was constant fear-mongering.

These people advocated policies that ruined education and sports for countless children. And remember, they urged mask-wearing even on preschoolers. Now, some kids today are paranoid about masks to this day…

COVID dictators cling to power

Now, we found out last fall that math and reading scores for 9-year-olds in the U.S. fell between 2020 and 2022 by a level not seen in decades. And this week we saw similar stats among eighth-graders — new test results revealing an all-time low score in history and a first-ever decline in civics. Again, all due to the Democrats’ needless and inhumane COVID lockdowns…

Now, this has put schools in a total bind — the mental health struggles, anxiety and poor performance. It’s a triple threat.