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Jack Gets Smacked: The Hypocrisy of the Left Unveiled in Trump’s Legal Saga



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham delved into the ongoing legal battles surrounding former President Donald Trump, suggesting that the “Get Trump Express” may be on the verge of derailment. The Supreme Court‘s decision to take up Trump’s appeal on presidential immunity at the end of April has sparked controversy, with critics attacking the legitimacy of the High Court for its decision.

Laura highlighted what she sees as the hypocrisy of the left, pointing out that when court decisions don’t align with their agenda, they deem the institution illegitimate. She accused Adam Schiff of still being upset that the Mueller report didn’t go his way and criticized the so-called “democracy defenders” for their reaction to a federal judge’s indication that a suggested July trial date for Trump in the classified documents case would be too compressed.

Angle: If you can’t beat him, indict him

The host argued that Trump’s legal team is playing it smart by pushing for a postponement of the trial until after the election or until Joe Biden faces charges for his own alleged concealment of government records. Laura expressed concern, saying, “holding Trump in a courtroom close to the election would be the ultimate form of election interference,” and accused Special Counsel Jack Smith of being willing to skirt DOJ guidelines to pursue cases against Trump.

Laura also touched on the potential removal of Fannie Willis from the Fulton County case against Trump for election interference, highlighting the controversy over Willis’s conduct and relationship with Mr. Wade. She criticized the state of Georgia for dismissing the significance of thousands of texts and calls between Willis and Wade, suggesting that it indicates a deeper ethical issue.

In her monologue, Laura painted a picture of a legal system being manipulated for political purposes, stating, “They wage a multi-front campaign of lawfare against a leading presidential candidate.” She argued that Americans are seeing through this “multi-layered legal charade,” which is why Trump’s numbers remain strong. Laura’s angle suggests that the attempts to derail Trump may ultimately backfire, as the public grows weary of what she perceives as a biased and unfair legal campaign against him.