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2024 Election

Laura: Supreme Court’s Decision a Blow to Anti-Trump Lawfare



In a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham delved into the recent setbacks faced by Democrats attempting to use legal means, or “lawfare,” to undermine former President Donald Trump. Laura highlighted the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling that individual states cannot bar candidates for federal office from their ballots, a decision she viewed as a blow to those who hoped to disqualify Trump based on claims of insurrection.

Laura criticized the left’s reliance on the insurrection narrative, suggesting that their fixation on this issue has clouded their judgment. She argued that their attempts to use the legal system to target Trump have been misguided from the start. “It was a loser argument then,” Laura said, “and had they not allowed their virulent anti-Trump views to cloud their judgment, they would have seen that.”

The host also took aim at the Democrats’ efforts to alter voting laws, accusing them of attempting to “muck up the vote” by opposing voter ID laws and promoting mail-in ballots. Ingraham expressed concern that these changes could undermine the integrity of elections, stating, “Everything they do from now until Election Day will be designed to make it harder for us to track who actually voted.”

Ingraham warned that the Democrats’ focus on demonizing Trump and portraying him as a threat to democracy could backfire. She pointed out that many Americans viewed the economy positively under Trump’s presidency, and suggested that the Democrats’ failure to offer meaningful policies for the middle class could hurt them in the upcoming election.

In her closing remarks, Ingraham urged Democrats to reconsider their approach, cautioning that their attempts to manipulate the electoral process could damage the credibility of U.S. elections. She praised the Supreme Court for preventing what she saw as a potential disaster, stating, “In the end, the Supreme Court saved us, at least for the moment.” Ingraham’s commentary reflects her belief that the real fanatics are not those who support Trump, but rather those who are willing to undermine democratic principles in their efforts to oppose him.