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Will The DOJ Finally Cave And Charge Hunter Biden?



We learned something really big about Hunter Biden in court. Listen to what he told the judge said.

I started a company in 2017 called Hudson West, Your Honor. And my partner was associated with a Chinese energy company called CEFC. The judge then said, Who is your partner? Hunter Biden answers, I don’t know how to spell. His name is Yan Ming, the chairman of that company.

Well, he made over a half million dollars through that. Now, what’s notable here is that that contradicts what his father told us back in 2020.

Sol Wisenberg: Well, my reaction is what else is new? I mean, virtually everything the president [Joe Biden] has said about this, about the business dealings that his son [Hunter Biden] had in China and in the Ukraine have been shown to be false. And it just doesn’t seem to affect the fact that everybody just, I guess, looks at him as a doddering, doting old father and and they don’t have any problem with it. So I’m not surprised at all.