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What’s Happening to Our Aging Leaders?



Dr. Janette Nesheiwat: This is quite disturbing. It’s devastating. It’s very difficult to watch. And when it comes to Senator Dianne Feinstein, you’re right. If you recall, she suffered the most severe complication from shingles not long ago. That complication was encephalitis, which means inflammation of her brain. And although she’s recovered and she’s back at work, you know, some of the long term sequoia with encephalitis, with these shingles, complication is, ah, mood swings, headaches, problems with your memory, confusion, difficulty walking. That’s why we see her in a wheelchair when she’s 90 something years old. You know, where’s the humanity? Where’s the compassion? We’re at a point in time where family needs to step in. Her doctor needs to step in and say, Hey, let’s focus on your health, rather than see this deteriorating health that we see right before our eyes. You know, we want a leader that is capable of leading, that is, you know, cognitively stable, physically stable and mentally stable so that they can carry out their task as needed to serve Americans.