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Biden Taking A Page From The Trump Playbook



Every poll is showing that the economy is the number one issue for the American people. And Biden gets terrible ratings on his handling of the economy. Even in the CNN polls. So Republicans, especially Donald Trump, consistently outpolled Democrats on the issue that Biden’s weakest on. And this is something that the White House is so worried about that they’re now winding Biden up and sending him out to brag about Bidenomics. Now, in the process, he’s trying to out populist Trump on the economy, which is hilarious.

First, remember, Biden has a long history of pretending that he’s someone he’s not. Right. We know that. And second, of course, he’s going to fake a Trump like approach to the economy because Trump’s policies actually work and because Biden’s numbers are in the toilet. Look, the facts are undeniable here. Americans were making more when Trump was president and they felt more optimistic about the future. Barely any inflation, low energy prices. It all meant happier and more hopeful families. Meanwhile, the progress that Biden was out touting today and main it’s a fantasy. Inflation may be declining slightly, but big deal since he’s the one who punished us with inflation in the first place. And the recent slight improvement in our GDP certainly wouldn’t have been possible without the red states that are filled with all those MAGA Republicans. Biden Things are so terrible working as hard as they have. It’s because those governors in those red states rejected lockdowns and frankly, the entire Biden approach to COVID. And of course, at the same time, they’re pushing pro-growth policies, all those policies that Biden hates. So Biden right now is trying to be both a globalist and a populist, but it doesn’t work. In the past month, Blinken, Kerry and Yellen all traveled to China not to help Main Street, but to reassure Wall Street. Look, you can’t be a populist and suck up to the CCP at the same time. And Biden’s supposed support for Made in America today, it’s all just talk. He already told the EU that he was going to tweak the Made in America provisions that would hurt their imports that he inserted in that so-called Inflation Reduction Act. So those are out the window. In the real world, facts are facts. And despite Democrat spins on the economy. Look, reality bites here, courtesy of Biden’s destructive domestic and foreign policy. Gasoline is now at an eight month high as Russia now is working with OPEC to drive down supply. And all of us go to the grocery store, know that food costs are still way up there. A year ago, bread, frozen vegetables, pet food, all of it. It’s a joke and it’s all on Biden’s shoulders. And who can’t help but notice the spike in homelessness all across America. It’s heartbreaking and it’s infuriating. And it should not be happening in the United States of America. But sadly, that’s what you get more of with a bad economy and an open border. Yet the insulated elites in the media, they’re still flummoxed that Joe and Kamala aren’t getting economic credit.

Check out the headline that I found today when I was writing the angle from 2018: “Trump has Set Economic Growth on Fire. Here’s how he did it.” Well, during Trump’s time in office, the economy had achieved feats most experts thought impossible. GDP growing at 3% plus rate, the unemployment rate near a 50 year low. Meanwhile, the stock market has jumped 27%, they wrote, amid a surge in corporate profits. Yeah, that’s where we were. It took a China generated pandemic to stop the Trump juggernaut. Now, the amazing thing is that everyone did better than blue collar workers Wall Street, Silicon Valley, everyone. But if the Republicans leave this lane, this economic lane, open for Biden’s message on the economy, that somehow things are all getting better and he gets all the credit. If they forget to remind everyone that real wages are down 3% from February 2021, and if they get caught up in the debate over cultural issues, I am telling you tonight they will be disappointed in the results in 2024. And believe me, as important as it is to get to the bottom of the Biden family corruption, I think it’s really important that effort should not overshadow serious work on the pocketbook issues that are most important to the voters. Trump is in the lead now by a lot because Trump has credibility on the top concern of Americans and both parties today.

This is what the voters want more money in their pockets and jobs are not going to be shipped overseas. So here’s a novel idea. Let’s give this message to all of them in all 50 states. No city or state left behind. And that’s the angle.