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2024 Election

Biden’s Off-Script Holiday Musings Stoke Further Concern



If his brief appearance and remarks at the White House Fourth of July celebration were meant to reassure voters, Joe Biden failed in spectacular fashion.

When introduced by Vice-President Kamala Harris, he responded with “Ho, Ho, Ho! Happy Independence Day!”

Then after the rookie mistake by staff of using Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” — an anti-war song—as Biden, Harris and others walked off stage, he again seemed to have trouble.  For some reason, Biden paused mid-gait, then moved slowly across the stage, where he was now alone, until he finally gave his mic to a staffer.
Watch here:

Things were no better earlier in the day at the White House barbecue for military families.  That is where he made random remarks about road congestion.
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Even with the help of a teleprompter, Biden still struggled, trailing off several times. He seemed to compare World War I to the current presidential race.
“By the way, I was in that World War I cemetery in France, and one that my colleagues, the former president, didn’t want to go and be up there,” Biden said before noting he shouldn’t have made the snipe. Then before he left came the strangest comments of the day about traffic.  The crowd still applauded.

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The bottom line: During our national celebration of independence, Biden, if anything, stoked more concern among voters about his cognitive condition and fitness to lead.  One can only imagine the horror that our founders would feel seeing what Americans are seeing from the commander-in-chief.