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2024 Election

Arroyo: Dems Are More Focused On Power Than Biden’s True State



In a recent segment on “The Ingraham Angle,” guest-hosted by Kayleigh McEnany, Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo blasted Democratic governors and the Biden administration during a discussion about Governor Gavin Newsom and President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Arroyo’s remarks cut to the heart of ongoing concerns about Biden’s fitness for office. He pointed out that while the governors may publicly express confidence in Biden’s re-election campaign, the real issue lies in his mental acuity and ability to effectively govern. “No one doubts that he’s in it to win it,” Arroyo emphasized, “The question is his mental acuity and his capabilities at this point to execute his office.”

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Arroyo, who has covered Biden since his Senate days, provided a stark comparison between the Biden of the past and the current president. “This is not the same Joe Biden,” he asserted, expressing frustration that many are only now recognizing what he views as a significant decline. He criticized the governors for focusing more on maintaining political power than addressing the reality of Biden’s condition.

Arroyo argued that the nation deserves a leader capable of effectively managing statecraft. He expressed frustration that the Democratic governors’ reassurances were insufficient and disconnected from the actual concerns of the American people.

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Arroyo’s critique served as a call to action for voters to consider the true state of Biden’s capabilities as they evaluate his presidency and potential re-election bid.