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2024 Election

Failure to Relaunch: Biden’s Struggles Continue



I leave town for a few weeks, and all hell breaks loose. President Biden’s poll numbers are in freefall. Swing states, national approval ratings – you name it. A new battleground state poll by the liberal group Democrats for the Next Generation shows Trump leading Biden by an average of four points. Remarkably, Trump is up by five points in Pennsylvania alone. Today was supposed to be Biden’s big comeback, the unofficial relaunch after the post-debate disaster. But, instead of roaring back, it seems like the wheels are coming off the Biden campaign.

The Biden administration’s strategy to counter the disastrous polling? Denial. Instead of addressing the concerns head-on, the White House sent out a letter to the Hill, penned by the same aides who’ve been covering up his condition for years. The letter reiterated Biden’s commitment to staying in the race and defeating Donald Trump. However, even the biggest donors, like Netflix founder Reed Hastings, are calling for Biden to step aside, pointing out the obvious issues with his mental state.

Despite all this, Biden insists he is the best person to beat Trump. But his ABC interview post-debate was a complete train wreck. Biden seemed to deny the reality of his situation, a sentiment echoed by Hastings and other donors. The White House continued to pour cold water on any serious attempts to relaunch Biden’s campaign, stonewalling inquiries about Biden’s health.

Biden’s Off-Script Holiday Musings Stoke Further Concern

On the topic of Biden’s health, reports have emerged about Parkinson’s specialist Dr. Kevin Canard visiting the White House eight times in eight months. Yet, the White House remains evasive about the nature of these visits. When asked directly, they fumbled through their responses, citing privacy and security concerns. This is the President of the United States, the person with the power to launch a nuclear war, and we’re not allowed to know if he’s fit for office?

The White House press secretary’s responses were equally evasive and frustrating. She deflected straightforward questions about Biden’s health, citing security reasons for not disclosing the names of specialists. The American people deserve transparency, especially concerning the President’s cognitive health.

If the Bidens truly wanted to put these concerns to rest, they would allow his doctors to be available for questioning in the briefing room. Remember how they loved having Fauci front and center? They could have a panel of doctors discuss Biden’s evaluations or lack thereof and provide a clear picture of his cognitive health. But the White House has shredded its credibility, and now, when the media finally starts asking the right questions, they get indignant.

Democrats’ Independence Day Postponed as Team Biden Says He’s Staying

Today, Biden showcased himself as an angry old man on MSNBC, while his staff continued their three-and-a-half-year-long charade of covering for him. This hideous and reckless game they’re playing will come back to haunt them. The Democrats deserve every bit of what they’re going to get in November for their part in this charade.

In conclusion, Biden’s relaunch was an absolute failure. The White House’s strategy of denial and stonewalling only serves to deepen the distrust. The American people are not fooled. This administration’s lack of transparency and accountability is unacceptable, and it’s time for the media and the public to demand better.

The current state of affairs is not just a political blunder; it’s a national concern. The President’s cognitive health and overall transparency from the White House are paramount to ensuring trust and security in our leadership. The Democrats’ refusal to acknowledge and address these issues is a disservice to the country, and it’s time for them to face the consequences of their actions.

America deserves better.