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The Only Thing Democrats Have Created Is Chaos And Economic Collapse



Now, is this their plan? Their actual plan? Vote Democrat because the other guys are terrorists? Well, sure looks like it. And if you think theirs is some noble mission about universal background checks and AR-15s, then you’re just too sweet and naive to follow politics. Their anti-Second Amendment crusade is now and always has been about raw power. Disarming the public is critical to preserving power no matter how tyrannical any country’s leadership gets.

Now, we know all the globalists and organizations like the World Economic Forum, they look down on our Constitution with total disgust. They really hate the fact that our Founders spelled out our right to keep and bear arms. Don’t like that. And because Democrats are in lockstep with Klaus and the gang, they’re going to work any angle to try to convince voters that less freedom is the only way to keep Americans safe.

Biden’s Team of Incompetents

So, why the refusal to tell us why Audrey Hale was so hellbent on killing? I’ll tell you why. Because Democrats think her story might hurt them politically. Yeah, it’s that twisted. Now, this is the same reason why you rarely see Democrats run to the cameras to talk about the Black-on-Black crime plaguing the people of Chicago. Not likely that Benjamin Crump will show up for a 24-year-old off-duty police officer, Areanah Preston. She was murdered Saturday after finishing her shift, just steps from her door where she lived with her mom.

Five people, including three teenagers, are in custody on armed robbery charges as police investigate. It’s heartbreaking. It’s infuriating. It’s infuriating because the party that gave us defund the police, the summer of riots and destruction and open borders, weed legalization and lockdowns now feel like they have the wind at their backs because of mass shootings. The only thing Democrats have created is chaos and economic collapse. You might not be able to afford to put gas in your car. You may not have much savings left due to the high cost of living, and you may have nixed your summer vacation plans altogether. But they think they deserve to stay in power because they’ll magically save you from mass shooters with some type of gun bans? What a joke.

The Angle: Democrats’ Collateral Damage

Now, many major polls taken in the past year show that inflation and the economy are the top concerns for most voters. According to [a] Pew survey just last month, only 19% of adults believe the economy is good or excellent. 19%! Who are those 19%? Now, that includes only 28% of Democrats, by the way. A depressing 46% of the public say they expect economic conditions to worsen in the next year, while 36% say it’s going to stay the same. Only 17% think the economy will improve–they’re in La La Land.

But you see why Democrats want to talk about guns? Anything, anything to avoid this subject on everybody’s mind. People are getting poorer as the Bidens somehow are getting richer. So that Obama hope and change – they’re out. Pessimism and blame are in.

Senate Republicans Abandon Base With Gun Bill