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The Angle: Democrats’ Collateral Damage



Fox News host Laura Ingraham addressed the consequences of Democratic policies, saying they have helped create “fertile ground” from which the nation’s most violent figures have emerged as crime plagues America’s cities.

LAURA INGRAHAM: The next time you hear Democrats claim that Republicans or pro-Second Amendment types don’t care about children or their safety, I want you to do one thing. I want you to laugh in their faces because they’re the ones who don’t care about the kids. Their policies helped create the fertile ground from which the nation’s most violent figures have emerged. Now, of course, they ignore any of the cultural and societal issues simmering beneath the surface and instead accuse conservatives of refusing to compromise on guns. Well, very quickly, maybe more folks would be willing to compromise on guns if Democrats themselves hadn’t told us what their real goal really is. 

Leftists are the authoritarians now: Physician

Now the fact is, most Democrats on TV lately appearing, they only opine about dead children when there are political points to be scored. Remember, last year was the most deadly in a quarter-century in Chicago — nearly 800 killed. So where were the protests or the rallies? Where was Beto or Biden? The victims have often been young, rarely acknowledged and quickly forgotten. In January, 8-year-old Melissa Ortega shot in Chicago by gang-bangers’ stray bullets. In February, 15-year-old Sincere Cole was shot 24 times just around the block from his home. 


Earlier this month, a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed near the Bean, a popular tourist attraction. And over Memorial Day weekend, there was sadly the typical carnage in Chicago with 51 shot and nine dead. The most violent weekend since 2017. And in Baltimore, four dead, including a 17-year-old named Neal Mack… You see, I’d rather operate in the real world. And that world is a lot more complicated than the anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun activists would suggest. Whenever there is a societal, cultural, familial and spiritual deficit, bad things are going to rush in to fill it. Guns, gangs, drugs. Then there will be harm to others or self-harm. And until we’re honest about all of this, young people will continue to be pawns in a political game.

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