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2024 Election

House Speaker Mike Johnson: ‘The Democrats are in Total Disarray’



In a recent segment on “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham hosted House Speaker Mike Johnson, who shared his unfiltered views on the state of the Democratic Party, the Biden administration, and the pressing issue of illegal voting. Johnson didn’t hold back as he discussed the challenges facing the nation and the Republican Party’s plans moving forward.

“The Democrats are in Total Disarray”

From the outset, Johnson painted a picture of a Democratic Party struggling to maintain its footing. “It’s been an incredible thing to watch on Capitol Hill. The Democrats are in total disarray. They don’t know what to do. They don’t have a plan B, but they know they’ve got a serious problem,” Johnson said. He emphasized that this internal chaos is not just a political issue but a matter of national security, especially with international leaders observing the situation closely.

Biden’s Leadership and International Concerns

In response to Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments about President Biden and the NATO conference, Johnson highlighted the growing concerns among foreign leaders. “All those NATO leaders are here on the Hill. These foreign leaders are coming in—prime ministers, heads of state—and they are telling us privately that they’re deeply concerned. A weak America is bad for the whole world,” he stated.

Johnson also addressed the notion that some international leaders prefer a weaker U.S. president. “I’m not getting that vibe from these leaders that I’m meeting with privately. They tell you they’re deeply concerned. They need a strong man in the White House because we have to project strength. That’s how we maintain peace through strength. That’s the Reagan Doctrine, and we still believe in it,” he affirmed.

The Media and Democratic Strategy

Johnson was critical of the media’s role in what he described as a cover-up of the Biden administration’s weaknesses. “We’ve all been saying it, but the media went along with their whole charade. And now the jig is up,” Johnson remarked. He suggested that Democratic leaders like Chuck Schumer are struggling to articulate their support for Biden clearly, leaving their true stance open to interpretation.

Illegal Voting and the Safe Act

The discussion then turned to the critical issue of illegal voting, a topic Johnson has been vocal about. “We know that we have millions. By our count, we believe maybe as many as 16 million illegals in the country since Joe Biden took the Oval Office,” he explained. Johnson detailed how easy it is for illegal immigrants to register to vote and the potential impact this could have on elections.

“The Safe Act was passed in the House a couple of hours ago. By the way, 198 Democrats voted against it,” Johnson noted, emphasizing the necessity of the bill. “All it does is it requires the registrar of voters or in all these offices where they’re doing this to require proof of citizenship. Currently, under federal law, believe it or not, the way the courts have interpreted it, they can’t ask for proof.”

Looking Ahead to November

Despite the challenges, Johnson expressed optimism about the upcoming elections. “I’m very bullish about November. I genuinely believe that we can grow our majority right now from a three-vote margin to something close to 15 or more,” he predicted. Johnson acknowledged the difficulty of achieving a significant majority due to redistricting but remained hopeful about the Republican Party’s prospects.

As the segment concluded, Ingraham praised Johnson for his clear vision and leadership. “A united Republican Party is unstoppable, especially in the face of the decline of Biden and his policies,” she said, wrapping up a conversation that showcased Johnson’s unwavering commitment to his party and his country.