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Bidenomics Hits Biden Fans



Fox News host Laura Ingraham contends the strong economy promised under President Biden and his administration turned out to be a disaster, and even liberals are facing the repercussions on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: They helped put Joe in office, and now liberals everywhere find that they too are not immune from the consequences of his bad policies

Now, let us never forget: It’s Wall Street’s money that put Joe Biden in office. It’s media companies on the East and West coasts that, to this day, protect Biden and his administration from scrutiny. All through this year, they actively helped the Biden team lie to the voters about the true state of our economy and what all Biden’s spending and attacks on oil and gas would do to inflation. So, these false prophets promised — they promised that inflation would be mild, even the smartest Democrat economists warned otherwise. 

They promised that job markets were strong, even as real wages were falling. They promised that the economy was doing great, even as Americans were losing trillions in wealth and they promised that Ukraine was winning. Definitely winning, even though Zelenskyy is demanding tens of billions of dollars — millions of dollars — plus Patriot missiles. They promised crime would subside with community policing, and of course, it’s worse than ever, and yeah, they said the border was under control, and as we all know, it is a disaster. So, what did all Biden’s fans think would happen?