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Establishment Extremism



Fox News host Laura Ingraham rips into the left for calling Republicans “extreme” and lists key issues where Democrats have been “radical” on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Normal people know that China is a brutal regime and that our essential manufacturing should be brought home. The establishment knows, though, that the CCP does run a slave state, but it still believes we should engage more, not less, with them. They are the radicals. 

Normal people know that pushing a crazy sex agenda for kids is demonic. Democrats cry “transphobia” — that’s a new thing — “transphobia,” when parents speak out against grown men dressed as women, reading to little children. They’re the extremists. 

Normal people know that efforts to hobble our oil and gas industry mean economic surrender, but Democrats did this to get Americans used to less freedom and a lower standard of living. Talk about radical. 

Normal people know that rescinding Title 42 was a reckless political move, but Biden’s people did it with the goal of changing America forever. That is the definition of political extremism. Allowing millions to come here on a bogus asylum claim only to bust local budgets, crowd our schools, our cities, our towns, burden our health care costs. Now, that is radical. 

Normal people don’t support our funding the war in Ukraine as long as it takes, but the establishment is fine with protracted wars, even ones without clear paths to victory or significant public support. This, my friends, is a radical approach to foreign policy. 


Normal people certainly know that our intel agency shouldn’t be coordinating with social media companies or any entity with the aim of censoring and suppressing the views of political opponents. But a politicized FBI, now, that is extremist and that’s what we have.