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COVID dictators cling to power



Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened Friday’s “Ingraham Angle” slamming the Biden administration and medical experts, who she deemed the “Bully Bunch”, for celebrating the CDC’s end of mask mandates, as the “experts” push for other COVID restrictions.

INGRAHAM: What has been done to Americans by these people is disgraceful —  neither the “science” nor commonsense we should have by now has ever supported THE Democrats Covid controls…. Of course, Biden’s media apologists haven’t a shred of integrity, they’re never going to admit they’re wrong. They’ll never call out Fauci or the CDC…they’ll just pretend it’s time to celebrate this incredible mask milestone!

But remember, when the door to freedom opens even a crack, the Bully bunch is standing by, ready to close it with another mandate.  And this is what Fauci and friends have always wanted – vaccine passports and medical surveillance…. These people want to force compliance and then punish you if you refuse to see the light.  The only freedom they respect is their freedom to bully you into agreeing with them.  The constitution be damned, they don’t care about it.  I know it all sounds scary, and it is, but we have the power to stop it.