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Democrats Running on Empty as Biden Falters on Border, Inflation and Schools



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Fox News host Laura Ingraham said on Monday’s “The Ingraham Angle,” that Democrats are “slowly but surely” destroying their own chances in the 2022 and 2024 elections, claiming the country is now seeing “the tables turning” on Democrats as they “damage our economy and our foreign policy.”

“Now, in case you haven’t noticed, things are really beginning to fall apart for the Democrats on a variety of issues in a variety of ways. Now, at the same time, things are looking up for conservatives who believe, of course, in Trump’s America first agenda. Talk about a reversal of political fortunes. Remember, it was only, what, four months ago when the Biden team took over? Democrats were giddy …

On multiple fronts, Biden decided to bow to the leftists who had demanded a crackdown on conservative speech, the oil and gas industry, so on and so forth. So they focused on things like purging the military of extremists and rejoining the Paris climate accord. Now, for many conservatives, the situation seemed hopeless. Well, now we see the tables turning because as they damage our economy and our foreign policy, the Democrats are also slowly but surely destroying their own prospects for 2022 and 2024.”

Now, let’s go through it all point by point:

  • GOP unity
  • Mask theater
  • Loser lockdowns
  • Race obsession
  • Border madness
  • Inflation surges
  • The “insurrection” flop

Ingraham went on to explain how Democrats’ have failed at each of these points and how the party’s actions or lack thereof will impact their prospects in future elections.