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More Phony Science, More Damaged Kids



Laura Ingraham breaks down how Big Pharma keeps making new billionaires from coronavirus mandates to transgender treatments for kids on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Fear, money, power. Those are the three overriding principles that drove our government’s hideously flawed response to COVID, from mandating experimental mRNA shots to closing schools and playgrounds, to social distancing. That was stupid — and masking. It was all pandemic panic, an abuse of powers via emergency orders, big money payouts to the medical industry. Well, the brutal truth, which we told you years ago, is that they never had any serious, peer-reviewed studies to back up any of their egregious edicts. None. 

Basic principles of immunology, such as acquired immunity through infection, were ignored. Instead, the Branch Covidians relied on fudged studies with ever-changing endpoints and sold them relentlessly with the help of flacks masquerading as journalists. The “we’re-all-about-the-science gang” actually didn’t have any science on their side, but they did have Pfizer, academia and Hollywood with them all the way. New billionaires were minted in the Big Pharma industrial complex.

ony Fauci, Deborah Birx — they became media stars, and more than anyone, our kids, including my own, suffered. There was lost learning, lost athletics, missed graduations, while countless others suffered from vaccine and lockdown-induced harm to their mental and physical well-being. And now the same forces are at it again, trying to sell us another new normal. 


A demonic campaign to destroy the natural, biological order. One where our children are once again their guinea pigs, and it’s all backed by phony science and Big Pharma. It’s pushed by radicals in our schools, it’s adopted by big business and big government, and, of course, all the while, it’s glamorized by Big Tech and the entertainment industry.

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