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Gov. DeSantis Drops a NUKE on the Biden School Policy



Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis delivered a blistering attack on President Biden and Democrats for supporting teachers unions who are refusing to come back to work and reopen schools.

Full transcript of DeSantis statement:

Florida schools are open for in-person instruction, every single parent in the state has a right to send their kid to in-person instruction.

We have done it the right way. We are not going to turn back. What the CDC put out, five o’clock on a Friday afternoon, I wonder why they would do it then, was quite frankly, a disgrace. It would require, if you actually followed that, closing 90 percent of schools in the United States. [In Florida] we have been open. They will remain open, and we are not turning back.

We’ve been open the whole time since August. We had kids doing camps and athletics and all that over the summer. And we’ve been in person as much as anybody in the country. And yet we’re 34th out of 50 states and D.C. for covid-19 cases on a per capita basis for children. Thirty three states have more cases per capita than Florida for children per capita. And many of those don’t have a lot of in-person instruction in school,

And so there is no evidence to suggest that school kids should do anything else other than be in school. This has been clear for months and months and months.

We followed the data when we worked to get the kids, get the parents the option to send the kids back, because we had looked at what happened in Europe, places like Sweden and all these other places, and it does not require another hundred billion dollars.

The school reopening plan that makes the most sense, if you want to open schools, open them, open the door, let them come in and let them learn. And the only reason, that is not happening across this country like it is in Florida, like it is in a handful of other states, it’s one reason and one reason only:

because the Democratic Party puts the interests of education unions and special interests ahead of the well-being of our children and of our families.

These kids have been out of school and parts of this country for almost a year. And if you follow that CDC guidance, they will not go back in this this school year and they may not even go back in the fall. That is a disgrace. That is not science. That is putting politics ahead of what’s right for kids. That is putting politics and special interests ahead of what the evidence and observed experience says.

So we’re better off as a result of giving parents and kids that opportunity. I can tell you I cannot go out without a parent coming up to me saying how much better it is that their child is able to go to school. And so we’re not looking back. We’re going to continue going forward.