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Ron DeSantis BLASTS Big Tech



“They have all the power. They dictate all the rules,” Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis said in a press conference on Monday. “We can’t let it go on any longer.”

DeSantis joined by House Speaker Chris Sprowls and Representative Fiona McFarland presented “HB 969,” a bill that gives consumers the right to demand information about how companies use their data.

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“For far too long, Big Tech companies have abdicated their responsibility of safeguarding and securing the data of Americans and Floridians; in fact, rather than protecting our data, they are profiting from it,” said Governor DeSantis. “This one-way street – where Big Tech has all the power and consumers have little to none – stops now. With the proposals announced today, we will finally check these companies’ unfettered ability to profit off our data and ensure the protection of Floridians’ personal and private information.”

“Today’s introduction of our Consumer Data Privacy legislation is another step in combating mass public distrust left in the wake of Big Tech companies’ destruction,” said Speaker Chris Sprowls.“They don’t care about your personal information; they don’t care who gets ahold of your sensitive data. In the state of Florida, we care. It’s time to stop bad actors and help restore consumers’ trust in companies that hold the keys to their personal information.”

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