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Shooting Blanks



Fox News host Laura Ingraham said the Chinese spy balloon fiasco made the Pentagon looks foolish and weak on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Well, for this administration, it’s failure as far as the eye can see, yet zero accountability. None. Still no senior officials, no cabinet official fired. Not Alejandro ‘Let them all in’ Mayorkas at DHS. Not ‘Leave it to Pete Buttigieg’ at the Department of Transportation. Not the ‘queen of transitory inflation Janet Yellen’ at Treasury. So the only logical conclusion at this point can be that America’s decline is their agenda. Now, Biden’s balloon fiasco was a national embarrassment for the United States at every turn. And it reminds us that we really don’t have military leaders who are looking out for us. Even when Generals Austin and Milley blew the Afghanistan withdrawal, which led to the deaths of 13 service members. They still kept their jobs. 

Under their lame leadership, we’re creating a world where China doesn’t just control all of Asia. It’s making gains in our own hemisphere, including right here in the United States. You see, China is serious about its plans for domination and control. Meanwhile, Biden’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs spends inordinate amounts of time promoting a woke agenda within his own ranks. 

We know that the CCP doesn’t fear them or even respect them. Now let’s remember that the poison of critical race theory is being taught in our military academies today. And then there was their needless and damaging VAX mandates in the military. They were only recently dropped, a tacit admission of failure. And now, for all the world to see, the Pentagon looks foolish and weak rather than an active defender of the American interest. For days, our military kind of played the role of a passive observer as China just brazenly sucked up information about our most sensitive military installations. 

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