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China’s Trial Balloon



Fox News host Laura Ingraham blasted the Biden administration’s “observation and monitoring” of a Chinese surveillance balloon flying over the United States’ nuclear sites on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: For all those Pentagon groupies who are buying the line that the generals are worried about collateral damage on the ground if they shot it down, OK, get your head screwed on straight. If we can hit home plate in Yankee Stadium with the cruise missile launched thousands of miles away, I think we can pop a balloon without endangering human life. And if not, maybe we should reconsider what we’re getting for that $850 billion a year we spend on defense at this point. And our Secretary of State should have immediately canceled, not postponed, his trip to Beijing over this Chinese provocation.

The U.S. statement on this should have been short and to-the-point. Something like, “We consider this move to be a deliberate provocation and a blatant violation of our airspace and our sovereignty. We have taken swift action to eliminate the potential intelligence threat to the CCP action posed to our nation and any nation or organization that attempts anything similar will find the same result. All future high-level discussions with China are hereby postponed indefinitely.” 

That’s what we should have said. Now, this balloon may or may not be really good at collecting sensitive information, we have no idea, but that’s frankly irrelevant. By launching it, watching it and then watching the U.S.’ slow response, Xi [Jinping] is learning a lot about us, the great United States. We appear to be more worried about offending the Chinese, more afraid of protesters storming our Capitol than protecting our own homeland against a communist aggressor. The sad fact that as long as Biden is president, China does have all the leverage. 

Our military is hyper-focused on Europe, our supply chains are still in China, we’ve depleted our munitions by sending so much to Ukraine and our military is mired in woke nonsense. 

The fact that Xi lied about COVID, took Hong Kong, enslaved the Uyghurs and instead of moving to decouple from the evil regime bent on world domination, we just keep going back for more — for better relations, Wall Street wants more business engagement, universities want more Chinese students. It’s frankly, all of it, disgusting, and it’s un-American. 

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