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Rep. Chip Roy: Election Integrity at Risk Due to Migrant Influx



During a recent appearance on Laura Ingraham’s show, Texas Congressman Chip Roy delivered a powerful critique of the southern border crisis and accused Democrats of deliberately using migrants to manipulate the upcoming elections. Roy emphasized the urgent need for mass deportation and election integrity measures, warning that Democrats are registering non-citizens to vote in key areas to skew results in their favor.

Laura Ingraham opened the discussion by citing a CBS YouGov poll showing that 62% of Americans favor deportation programs for all illegal immigrants currently in the United States. Congressman Roy emphatically supported this sentiment, stating, “Those 62% of Americans, they’re dead correct. We need to have a mass deportation.”

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Roy highlighted the bipartisan concern over election integrity, noting that 87% of Americans support a federal law requiring proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections. He emphasized his commitment to this issue through his sponsorship of the Save Act, which aims to ensure that only U.S. citizens can vote in federal elections.

The congressman accused Democrats of intentionally importing migrants to influence election outcomes. “They’re trying to actually register voters in our nation’s capital, in Oakland, San Francisco, and New York,” he claimed. According to Roy, this strategy is a deliberate effort by Democrats to skew the electorate in their favor.

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Roy expressed frustration with his colleagues in Congress, particularly Republicans who are not fully supporting his efforts. “Why are there only 104 Republican co-sponsors of my Save Act?” he asked, urging his fellow Republicans to be more vocal and active in addressing the crisis. He called on them to back President Trump’s plans for mass deportation and to stop hiding behind procedural excuses.

The conversation concluded with Laura and Roy agreeing that under Trump’s leadership, there would be a strong push for deportation efforts, unhindered by “sob stories” that might prevent action. Roy stressed the importance of Congress stepping up to support these measures, emphasizing that Republicans must unite to address the border crisis effectively.