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Abbott Condemns Biden’s Border Strategy: ‘Lied to America,’ Fails to Enforce Existing Laws



In last night’s episode of “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham tackled the issue of border visits, particularly highlighting the contrasting approaches of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Laura suggested that Biden’s recent visit to the border was a response to “very bad poll numbers” and an attempt to “steal Trump’s thunder” on the same day as Trump’s visit. Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized Biden’s visit as “obligatory” and questioned his commitment to addressing the border crisis, stating, “Biden does not care about either Texas or the border and what’s going on.”

Laura argued that Biden chose to visit Brownsville, a location with fewer illegal crossings this month, to avoid the “visuals” of the border crisis. She contrasted this with Trump’s visit, where he highlighted the criminal activities associated with illegal immigration, including assaults, robberies, and homicides. Laura accused the press of ignoring the crimes committed by illegal immigrants and criticized Biden’s border policies, stating, “Trump enforced the border and started building a wall. Biden opened the border and stopped the wall’s construction.”

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Furthermore, Greg Abbott accused Biden of misleading the American public about his ability to address the border crisis without new legislation, stating, “Joe Biden lied to America when he told America that he needed Congress to pass laws for him to be able to do something about the border, because there are three laws that Congress has already passed that are on the books right now that Biden could and should enforce.” Abbott also criticized Biden for not only failing to build any borders but also for using every tool at his disposal to tear down the borders that Texas is putting up in the state.

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Laura also pointed out the human cost of Biden’s policies, mentioning the discovery of unaccompanied children traveling with a group of adults at the border. She argued that the Biden administration’s open border policies are driven by donor demands and warned that these policies could cost Democrats the 2024 election. Laura concluded by emphasizing the political implications of Biden’s visit, suggesting that it was a response to polling data indicating that voters are concerned about border security.