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Rep. Donalds Questions Hunter Biden’s Testimony: ‘A Lot of Obfuscation’



In a recent segment on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Laura Ingraham and Florida Congressman Byron Donalds discussed Hunter Biden‘s deposition in Congress, highlighting the contentious issues surrounding it. Congressman Donalds, a member of the House Oversight Committee present at the closed-door hearing, expressed skepticism about the transparency of Hunter Biden’s testimony, pointing out instances where he appeared evasive or unable to recall key details.

During the discussion, Laura Ingraham emphasized the perceived spin surrounding Hunter Biden’s actions, likening it to “classic Biden” behavior. She criticized the dismissive attitude toward the scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s financial dealings, particularly the notion that payments to family members did not benefit the parent in some way. Ingraham emphasized that such large sums of money inevitably benefit the parent, even if indirectly, and questioned the credibility of the explanations given by Hunter Biden and his supporters.

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In response, Congressman Donalds emphasized the importance of following the money trail, noting that over $20 million had flowed through Hunter Biden and Jim Biden to family members. He questioned the basis for Hunter Biden’s ability to raise such significant amounts, suggesting that his last name played a crucial role in attracting these funds. Donalds highlighted the contradictions in Hunter Biden’s testimony, where he could recall specific details at times but claimed not to remember or was unsure at other times, raising doubts about the veracity of his statements.

Ingraham then brought up the upcoming testimony of Tony Bobulinski, suggesting that his testimony could provide further insights into the Biden family’s financial dealings and help clarify the contradictions in their statements.

Overall, the discussion underscored the ongoing scrutiny of the Biden family’s financial affairs and raised questions about potential conflicts of interest. As investigations continue, the revelations from Hunter Biden’s deposition are likely to fuel further debate and speculation about the extent of his involvement and the implications for the Biden administration.