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Laura Exposes Biden’s Border Policy: ‘Blood on His Hands’



In tonight’s opening monologue on The Ingraham Angle, Laura Ingraham delivered a scathing critique of the Biden administration’s handling of border security and immigration. Ingraham began by highlighting the tragic case of Laken Riley, a young nursing student who was killed while jogging by an individual who had entered the country illegally. She pointed to this and other cases as evidence of the dangers posed by lax border enforcement policies.

Ingraham accused the Biden administration of prioritizing the interests of donors and political gain over the safety and security of American citizens. She criticized Democrats for their support of open borders policies that she argued allow criminals to enter the country unchecked.

Furthermore, Ingraham criticized Democrats for what she called “political games” and their refusal to work with Republicans on bipartisan solutions to strengthen border security. She argued that the administration’s failure to secure the border has led to a humanitarian and security crisis, with thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country every day.

In conclusion, Ingraham’s monologue emphasized the need for a comprehensive and effective immigration policy that balances the need for security with respect for human rights. She called for meaningful action to address the challenges posed by illegal immigration and criticized the Biden administration for its failure to do so.