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Big Tech Censorship

Experts Call for Big Tech Oversight and Google Monopoly Breakup



Tonight on her ‘Ingraham Angle‘ show, Laura Ingraham discussed the topic of bias in big tech. She was joined by Kara Frederick, a former Facebook analyst now directing the Heritage Foundation’s Tech Policy Center, and Mike Davis, the founder and president of the Internet Accountability Project. They debated the importance of addressing biases within technology companies and the need for oversight to ensure fair and transparent practices.

Kara Frederick highlighted that technology is not neutral and often reflects the biases of those who create it. She pointed out examples of bias within Google’s products, such as conservative candidates being filtered into spam folders during the 2020 campaign, and YouTube’s censorship of certain content related to Covid and the 2020 election. She emphasized the need to address these biases to prevent them from continuing.

Mike Davis discussed the issue of artificial intelligence being used for political purposes by Google, which controls a significant portion of the online advertising and search markets. He called for the breakup of Google’s monopolies to address this issue and prevent further misuse of power.

The segment also touched on the impact of these biases on elections and online discourse, with concerns raised about the potential for election interference and the need for transparency and traceability in computational systems.