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Mike Lee: The Senate Border Bill Is ‘Going To Die’



Utah Senator Mike Lee made it his mission to crush any glimmer of hope that Democrats or Republicans had on the passing of the Senate border bill during his appearance on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

“Laura, this [bill] is going to die… Not because Republicans are petulant and they don’t want to solve the border… Because, number one, we know that Joe Biden created this border crisis,” Lee explained.

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“That’s why we have this humanitarian disaster unfolding on our southern border. It is not for want of adequate legislative authority that this happened. It is because Joe Biden has defiantly, willfully refused to enforce the border.”

Lee also made sure to throw Alejandro Mayorkas into the mix and blamed him and the President for their involvement in the border crisis – asking that they both answer to the consequences of their actions. 

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“We should impeach both of them because I agree with you there. They are both at fault,” he told Ingraham. “Ultimately, the buck stops with the president. It’s not inappropriate to impeach Mayorkas because he invited this. I mean, from the early days of the administration, he was already telling the cartels, signaling to them through the news media.”