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Andy Biggs: Everything With The Biden Administration Is ‘Like Whack A Mole’



United States Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas narrowly escaped impeachment after a 214-216 vote on February 6, 2024, despite his consistent failure to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

On ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Arizona representative Andy Biggs explained that Mayorkas has been abusing his power in office since 2021. 

“Alejandro Mayorkas, as early as 2021, issued a memorandum where he iterated what his proposals were for the border, and those were basically to open the border, disobey Title 8 of the law where he was going to then change how you did everything from remove people… He was not following the law,” Biggs said.

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“And so impeachment was designed. Literally since 1450, the year 1450, was to remove somebody from office who is going to do irreparable harm or potential damage to the community or the state. And that’s what Alejandro Mayorkas was, is doing, is continuing to do it.”

However, when Ingraham asked what possible outcomes could appear from Mayorkas’ impeachment, the pair agreed that the Biden administration would quickly fill the vacant slot with another like-minded Democrat. 

“Everything with this administration is like whack a mole, for sure,” Biggs said, but he added that, “part of the impeachment process is to, hold people accountable and Alejandro Mayorkas needs to be held accountable.”