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Dan Patrick: President Biden Is The Chief Of Chaos



Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut spoke to the Senate floor on February 6, 2024, about the border bill he says is being blocked by Donald Trump.

“Within 24 hours, before the ink was even dry, Republican senators decided they don’t want a bipartisan bill to fix the border,” Murphy said. “They want to pretend they never asked for a bipartisan border bill. Because what they actually want is chaos. Because that’s what Donald Trump says he wants.”

In response, Laura took to ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss the credibility of Murphy’s argument. 

Laura: This Border Bill Is A Gut Punch To American Workers

“Now, we know the Republicans overwhelmingly favor tough border enforcement, real border enforcement,” Ingraham said. “And remember, Eagle Pass used to be a place where we had huge illegal border crossings. But guess what? Now in Eagle Pass, we are actually seeing a huge reduction in Texas in the illegal border crossings. Why? Because we actually have real enforcement taking place.”

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick joined Ingraham on the show to explain how he and his government have worked to secure the U.S-Mexico border along Eagle Pass. 

“We put up the barbed wire, the concertina wire, and those containers, and we put our National Guard out there,” Patrick said. 

Sen. Kevin Cramer: Biden Already Lost This Argument

“I was down there Friday, a week ago, when Biden was threatening to come down and cut the wire, and we were ready if they had their wire clippers. We had a lot more wire. Trust me, we’d have put it right back.”

Patrick said that their efforts within the two-and-a-half mile strip decreased the number of illegal crossing migrants from nearly 3,000 a day to single digits. 

“We know how to secure the border, let the Border Patrol do their job,” he added. “Let us put wire all across the border, the buoys across the water. Turn it over to Texas. We’ll have the son of a gun secure in less than a week, as Donald Trump will when he becomes the next president.”