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2024 Election

Rep. Donalds: Media Covers for Biden’s Failures



Rep. Byron Donalds joined Laura Ingraham on a recent segment of “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss concerns about President Joe Biden’s leadership. Donalds expressed frustration with the current administration, drawing parallels to George Orwell’s warnings about being told not to believe one’s own eyes.

Referring to a recent Biden video, Donalds remarked, “George Orwell warned us of this, that the party was basically going to tell you not even to believe your own eyes. This is the stuff that where they can’t cover up for Joe Biden anymore.” He criticized the media’s double standards, pointing out that if a similar situation had involved Donald Trump, the media reaction would have been vastly different.

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Ingraham echoed these concerns, questioning the source of the Biden family’s wealth and the true decision-makers behind significant national policies. She said, “How did the Bidens get so rich? And who’s really making the big calls?”

Donalds suggested that decision-making within the Biden administration seems to be a collective effort involving figures like Susan Rice and Tony Blinken, whom he described as operating like a “hive mind.” He stated, “None of them were elected to be president, just Joe Biden. Unfortunately, he’s doing a terrible job at that.”

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The congressman also touched upon the Biden family’s financial dealings, alleging violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act to benefit from foreign connections. He criticized the administration’s decisions, calling them “awful” and detrimental to the country. “Every decision they’ve made, they have gone on top of that decision with an even more heinous and a more terrible decision. November simply can’t come soon enough,” Donalds concluded.