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Pastor Sewell: Obama and Biden Ignored the ‘Hood’ – Trump Showed Up



Pastor Lorenzo Sewell from 180 Church joined “The Ingraham Angle” on a recent segment to discuss former President Donald Trump’s visit to Detroit. Sewell expressed deep gratitude for Trump’s decision to engage directly with the community, contrasting it with the actions of previous presidents.

Sewell highlighted that neither President Obama nor President Biden had ventured into the heart of Detroit’s most troubled areas. He stated, “President Trump, I’m so humbled that you would be here. President Obama never came to the hood, so to speak, right? President Joe Biden, he went to the big NAACP dinner, but he never came to the hood. So thank you.”

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Discussing the impact of Trump’s visit, Sewell emphasized the significance of the president’s presence in areas struggling with severe issues such as human trafficking and generational drug addiction. He noted that Trump’s willingness to physically be in the community helped him gain “relational equity” or “street credibility.” Sewell explained, “When the president is willing to come and bring his presence, he is gaining relational equity. Are, we would call it, in our community, street credibility.”

Ingraham further inquired about the challenges faced by lower-income Americans, especially minorities, under current Democratic policies. Sewell responded by pointing out the detrimental effects of policies like open borders on communities already struggling for employment. He mentioned that residents in Pontiac, which has a significant Latino population, were particularly frustrated with the influx of people who did not follow legal immigration procedures. “There is an angst. And when President Trump came to our community, it shows that his presence, he’s gaining our value, he’s gaining our voices, and I believe he’s going to gain our vote,” Sewell stated.

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Despite skepticism from some Democratic pundits, recent polling data revealed a significant increase in support for Trump among black voters. Ingraham cited a CNN report noting that Trump’s support had risen from 7% to 21% among black voters. Sewell was not surprised by this shift, attributing it to the Democrats taking the black vote for granted for decades. He criticized the long-standing Democratic leadership in Detroit, saying, “The Democrats, they have led our community for 56 years. We have a $2.7 billion budget. We get no change.”