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2024 Election

Kevin O’Leary: ‘Inflation is the Number One Concern for American Voters’



Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Leary Ventures, joined “The Ingraham Angle” on a recent segment to discuss the economic hardships plaguing American voters under the Biden administration and the high stakes of the upcoming presidential debate.

Laura Ingraham began by highlighting the struggles Americans face with rising costs for essentials like gas and groceries. She pointed out that many are financially strained, a situation exacerbated by three and a half years of President Biden’s policies. Ingraham argued that the Biden administration is avoiding discussions about its record, preferring to focus on issues like the January 6th incident and the hush money conviction related to Trump.

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Kevin O’Leary emphasized that the election is fundamentally about the future rather than the past. He pointed out that inflation has significantly impacted food prices, housing, and energy costs, causing substantial strain on the average American household. O’Leary noted that while other issues like border security and foreign affairs are important, inflation remains the top concern for voters.

Discussing the upcoming debate, O’Leary questioned the strategy behind President Biden’s participation. He suggested that unless Biden performs exceptionally well, the debate could be detrimental to his campaign. Ingraham countered that Biden had no choice but to debate, given tightening poll numbers in traditionally blue states. She argued that Biden’s strategists are smart and are making a calculated move to improve his standing.

O’Leary reiterated that inflation is the primary issue for voters. He listed inflation multiple times as the most significant concern, followed by border security and foreign affairs. He stressed that for many Americans, the economic squeeze they feel daily outweighs other political debates. Ingraham added that under Trump, blue-collar wages saw notable increases, contrasting with the current economic situation under Biden.

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The conversation also touched on the endorsement of Joe Biden by Melinda Gates. Ingraham questioned whether such endorsements resonate with working-class voters. O’Leary humorously suggested that Gates would have been better off giving each independent voter $4,200 to offset the loss in buying power since the beginning of the year.

In conclusion, O’Leary predicted that the upcoming debate would attract a massive audience, comparing its potential viewership to that of a popular reality show. He highlighted that this debate is a critical opportunity for candidates to address the concerns of independent voters, who are likely to decide the election. The discussion underscored the significant economic issues at stake and the high expectations for the candidates’ performance in the debate.