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Kevin O’Leary: Trump’s Legal Battle Harms America’s Global Investment Appeal



On a recent episode of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, host Laura Ingraham and guest Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Leary Ventures, delved into the ongoing legal battles involving former President Donald Trump and the potential implications for the American brand. Ingraham opened the discussion by highlighting the eagerness of Trump’s detractors to see his assets seized by New York authorities, driven by Attorney General Letitia James’ mission to undermine Trump both politically and financially. However, Laura noted that Trump’s fortune might soon see a significant boost, with Truth Social poised to go public, potentially adding over $3 billion to his net worth.

O’Leary provided insight into the financial aspects of the situation, explaining that public company founders like Trump usually face a six-month waiting period before they can access liquidity from an IPO. He emphasized that the case transcends Trump himself, expressing concern over the broader impact on the American brand. O’Leary argued that the legal actions against Trump could harm the United States’ reputation for transparency, property rights, and due process—fundamental elements that make it an attractive destination for global investment.

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Laura concurred with the sentiment that the case is about more than just Trump, suggesting that it’s a demonstration of power by the “powers that be” to show that disruptors like Trump won’t be tolerated. She argued that the motive behind going after Trump is to protect the status quo in Washington and prevent the exposure of the “dirty secrets of the swamp.”

O’Leary further elaborated on the potential damage to the American brand, likening the situation in New York to countries like Venezuela and Cuba. He stressed that this is not representative of America as a whole and expressed concern about the long-term implications of such legal precedents. Ingraham echoed this, stating that the actions against Trump could erode faith in the American system, with some wanting to “burn down the system” they perceive as flawed.

In conclusion, both Laura and O’Leary highlighted the importance of maintaining the integrity of the American brand and legal system. They warned that the case against Trump could have far-reaching consequences that extend beyond the former president, potentially impacting the nation’s economic and political standing on the global stage.