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Violence Against Jewish Americans Erupts Across the Country



Fox News host Laura Ingraham opened “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday addressing the eruption of attacks on Jews throughout the nation and slamming the Left for refusing to “confront the anti-Semitic cross-currents in the BLM and ‘critical race theory’ crowd.”

INGRAHAM: The recent spate of vicious attacks against Jewish Americans shouldn’t surprise anyone. The fact is, anti-Semitism has been comfortably housed inside the Black Lives Matter movement. And just like attacks against police officers are tolerated and even celebrated by BLM activists, so are attacks against Jews. It’s disgusting. It has the Biden administration in a bind of its own making. The Democrats right now are obsessing on a commission to investigate that two-and-a-half-hour Capitol riot on January 6th. But they’re turning a blind eye to the explosion of crime on the streets of America. And they simply refuse to confront the anti-Semitic crosscurrents in both the BLM and the critical race theory crowd. So by refusing to renounce the far-left push to defund the police and instead choosing a target police practices, the Biden DOJ has made life in America more dangerous for everyone. And by refusing to call out the vile anti-Jewish sentiments expressed by their own allies, Democrats have made America far more dangerous for Jews.