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2024 Election

Judge Jeanine: Trump’s Trial Was A Magic Show



Judge Jeanine Pirro, co-host of The Five, joined ‘The Ingraham Angle’ in a recent episode to comment on Donald Trump’s guilty verdict and what it means for America’s future. 

Not only did the judge describe May 31, 2024, as a “sad day,” but she also characterized the trial as a magic show orchestrated by the left. 

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“I think America went over a cliff today,” Judge Jeanine told Ingraham. “I think the indictment alone, but now the conviction of a former president of the United States on two dead misdemeanors that were resurrected to life by a judge who was not taken out of the wheel, but literally picked out because of his anti-Trump bias. 

“And a case that was advanced before the election, as opposed to those defendants who were in jail waiting for trial, whose turn it is to go to trial, and the fact that they had a magic show where they literally resurrected these misdemeanors and brought them to life through a felony that none of us knew anything about.”

Judge Jeanine bet that if an ordinary American were asked what Trump did or what his trial was about, they wouldn’t know. 

Nevertheless, she did not waiver in her faith of the judicial system.

“The jury did what they thought they were supposed to do, and they brought back a verdict, which is not only a sad day, Laura, but what it does to me as someone who’s done this for a living for 32 years, it reminds me of the power of indictment, the power of a prosecutor,” Judge Jeanine explained. 

“We’ve got a kangaroo court. But make no mistake, I still believe in the system, Laura, because I came up with it. This case is riddled with reversible error and it will be reversed, but after the election.”