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Marco Rubio: Migrants Being Vetted At The Border Is A Joke



Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on a recent episode to discuss the meager measures being taken by the left to secure the U.S-Mexico border. 

With over 9 to 10 million illegal migrants crossing into America, Rubio doubts authorities are thoroughly and accurately vetting them.  

“The truth of the matter is these people were criminals in Venezuela. They’re criminals here, now,” he said. 

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“This idea that they’re being vetted at the border is a joke. The Venezuelan authorities aren’t providing us documentation. Some of these people are part of a gang that’s been terrorizing Chile, Peru, Ecuador. I mean, they’re working their way through Central America and towards the United States.

Rubio also highlighted the influx of illegals from Central Asia that may be linked to ISIS trafficking groups. 

Why would we not think that they would use that exact same business of moving migrants to move terrorists?” he questioned. 

“So I think we have to assume as well, and I think it’s built on a lot of common sense that in addition to criminals, there are people in this country who have links to terrorism and have the intent of committing terrorist acts at some point in the future.”

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When asked by Ingraham how important it is for Republicans to win control of the Senate on the border issue, Rubio said it’s imperative to reverse the ideology instilled by the Biden administration. 

“[Biden] campaigned on a message that he was going to be more welcoming and as a result, more people came. This is entirely incentive-based. If people think it will be easier to get here and easier to stay, they will come. If they don’t, they won’t,” Rubio explained.