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Laura: The Left Used Soviet-Style Justice Against Trump



On Thursday, May 30, 2024, a New York jury found Donald Trump guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records. Laura’s latest monologue critiqued the ruthless strategies used by the left to convict the former president and disrupt his 2024 campaign. 

“Putin must be laughing watching Judge Merchan run his courtroom like any Kremlin crony would run his own in Moscow,” Laura said. “Whenever a viable threat to his power base emerges, just take it out with Soviet-style justice. Find a crime, any crime, and charge him with it.” 

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Instead of focusing on greater issues plaguing Americans, Laura characterized Democrats as Russian impersonators who fantasize about seeing Trump at Rikers. 

What else would [Eric] Adams be focusing on other than Trump at Rikers? After all, he has violent crime totally under control in Manhattan,” she said. 

“Now, if you think the Democratic Party is spending its time trying to figure out how to solve the problems you care about, you’ve told every pollster that you care about, think again. Their focus has been entirely on holding onto power with an iron fist, and that required their attempts to humiliate Donald Trump.”

However, Democrats’ political games have left Putin and others around the world perplexed, yet highly entertained.

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[Putin] has to be pinching himself here. This is what they call the great American experiment in democracy? But in fact, Biden’s protectors are just copying us,” Laura said. 

“If this were happening in any other country. What we’ve seen in that Manhattan courthouse, the U.N. would be demanding an investigation. But in this case, it’s just part of the Biden campaign. You saw Matthew Colangelo standing next to Alvin Bragg late today when they were doing their victory lap. And this is, of course, what the globalists are enthusiastically supporting.”