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Judge Jeanine: Evidence Shows Stormy Daniels Was Lying



After attending Donald Trump’s trial in the overflow room, Judge Jeanine Pirro joined a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss the intricacies of Stormy Daniels’ cross-examination. 

“What stood out to me was that she was a very prepared witness for direct examination, I think overprepared. And when they got to cross-examination, she was a different person. She kept denying things that were, you know, that there was evidence that she was lying,” Judge Pirro said. 

“And yet she’s trying to establish herself as a credible witness who at every turn on cross-examination is actually destroyed. She was decimated. And at the end of the trial, at the end of her testimony, you realized she didn’t lay a hand on Donald Trump,” she continued. 

Laura: Stormy Daniels’ Testimony a ‘Political Hit Job’

“[Daniels] had no personal knowledge. And she said this. She had no personal knowledge of Donald Trump’s involvement with a transaction. She got money from Cohen, and that’s all she knew. She knew nothing about business records. She couldn’t, she couldn’t testify about it.”

Between the adult film actress’ inconsistent testimony and calling in Michael Cohen as a witness, Ingraham said she believes it is the media and the New York judicial system who have indicted themselves – not Trump. 

“There are so many people who are guilty at the end of this, except the defendant,” she said. “And there has to be a juror, one juror, at least on this, panel that sees this for what it is.”