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Laura: Stormy Daniels’ Testimony a ‘Political Hit Job’



In a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Laura explained why she believes Stormy Daniels’ testimony at Donald Trump’s hush money trial was both unreliable and unnecessary.

“Now remember, Daniels’ testimony was totally unnecessary to the question at hand – whether Trump approved of the falsification of business records in order to commit another felony, in furtherance of it,” Ingraham explained. 

Laura: ‘Jury of Your Fears’

“But look, we don’t need to rehash why this case is a farce. You know why it’s a farce… This is a papered-over political hit job, further sullied by Judge Merchan’s overbroad and unconstitutional gag order, which the president hasn’t been deterred by.”

Apart from the adult film star’s testimony, the left is also trying to prove that Trump directed the Michael Cohen payments himself and that, while in office, he paid close attention to details – a compliment never gifted to Trump when he ran the Oval Office. 

“One problem. For years we’ve heard from the media and Democrats. They’ve complained that he showed up unprepared for meetings. Right? Didn’t have any in-depth knowledge that he golfed all the time. Kind of not really there. It’s all ceremonial,” Ingraham pointed out. 

“But now we’re we’re supposed to believe he meticulously tracks and directs every movement in his office. Okay, well, which is it? These people can’t get their story straight about Trump and it speaks to the weakness of the overall case against him.”