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2024 Election

Joe Biden Out of Touch in CNN Inflation Talk



On May 8, 2024, Joe Biden sat down with CNN’s Erin Burnett to discuss the ongoing economic crisis in America, however, his response when probed on certain topics such as inflation, highlighted how out-of-touch with reality the President really is. 

Even after agreeing that inflation is a pain for citizens, Biden told Burnett, “but the fact is that if you take a look at what the many people have, they have the money to spend.”

In the contrary, Ingraham highlighted the fact that “Most of America doesn’t have family members, Mr. President, who make millions of dollars from foreign sources and maybe can help out every now and then. But he did say what? He’s angry. That he is angry. He’s angry that you have to spend more, but it’s not his fault.”

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While on ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Benjamin Domenech also analyzed Biden’s recent interview with Burnett and came to a clear conclusion – there is a lack of empathy in the White House. 

“I mean, [the interview] was an opportunity to show empathy, and that kind of thing, as opposed to just blaming everybody else. Look, you know, the truth is that when we look at the people who are shifting most dramatically from having been Biden voters to considering voting for Donald Trump again, it’s driven by people who have young families, people with children,” Domenech explained.

“You know, those are the people who, frankly, experience on a daily basis the consequences of the inflation that they’re experiencing under Joe Biden. Every grocery bill, you react to it with horror… Basic things like fast food are shooting through the roof. You know, you’ve seen a more than 200% climb in the cost of a McDonald’s cheeseburger since the end of 2019. That’s the kind of thing where it’s like, I can’t take my kids to McDonald’s anymore. That’s ridiculous.”

He added: “And I think that it’s the kind of opportunity missed by this president, who is famously supposed to be this super empathetic guy. And I think it’s showed why, in this case, he doesn’t have any empathy at all.”

On the other hand, Brian Brenberg, co-host of The Big Money Show, argued that Biden’s success has nothing to do with empathy and everything to do with honesty. 

“He doesn’t have to be empathetic. He just has to be honest,” Brenberg said on the show. 

“If [Biden’s] honest with people about what they’re dealing with, then instead of when they’re drowning, throwing them a solar panel, he’d give them some help. But he’s not honest. And here’s the reason why. Inflation is a feature in Biden-omics. They have to make life more unaffordable for you so they can force you to change how you live, what you drive, what you cook with, where you have a home – if you have a home at all. That is the point.”