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Laura: ‘Jury of Your Fears’



During her show last night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura Ingraham sharply criticized the handling of Donald Trump‘s jury, coining it a “jury of your fears.” She delved into what she perceives as a biased legal offensive against the former President, spearheaded by figures such as Bragg and Judge Merchan. Laura accused them of undermining public trust in the justice system and unfairly targeting Trump, suggesting that their actions reflect broader issues of bias and political manipulation within the legal process.

She further illustrated the challenge of jury selection in such politically charged trials, arguing that biases inherent to all individuals make it nearly impossible to form an impartial jury. By hypothetically placing Joe Biden on trial in a conservative state, Laura highlighted the universal nature of this issue, suggesting a systemic bias across the board, not just against conservative figures.

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Laura was particularly vocal about the media’s complicity in this perceived bias, condemning the so-called “regime media” for their unilateral reporting and the courts for imposing what she sees as unconstitutional restrictions on Trump. These actions, she argued, starkly contrast with the freedom granted to Trump’s critics like Michael Cohen to publicly denounce him.

Concluding her segment, Laura portrayed the legal entanglements facing Trump as a strategic ploy to derail his political activities and drain his resources, a tactic she believes will be mirrored in future political battles. Through her monologue on “The Ingraham Angle,” Laura painted a grim picture of a politicized judicial process aimed at influencing political outcomes under the guise of legal proceedings.