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Jim Jordan: Release Biden Tapes for Transparency



Laura Ingraham recently questioned the Biden administration’s refusal to comply with a House GOP subpoena for audio recordings of President Biden‘s interview with special counsel Robert Hur during an episode of her show. Ingraham wondered what the administration was hiding and highlighted that Democrats had defended Biden when Hur’s report described him as an elderly man with a poor memory.

A White House spokeswoman dismissed the allegations as inappropriate and inaccurate, while Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vouched for Biden’s mental acuity. Ingraham pointed out that Schumer, who is roughly the same age as Biden, appeared to be mentally sharp, raising doubts about the administration’s concerns.

Congressman Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, joined the discussion. Jordan argued that Biden knowingly kept and disclosed classified information, citing Hur’s report. He claimed that Biden’s motivation for doing so was his $8 million book deal, a clear motive for committing a crime. Jordan criticized Hur for dismissing charges against Biden based on his age and forgetfulness, despite meeting the criteria for prosecution.

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Jordan stressed the importance of transparency and oversight, asserting that the American people deserved to evaluate whether Biden’s forgetfulness constituted a legitimate reason to avoid prosecution. He called for the release of the audio recordings, stating that they would provide more comprehensive information than a mere transcript.

Ingraham brought up previous cases where individuals faced consequences for defying congressional subpoenas. Jordan highlighted a double standard, noting that only President Trump was prosecuted despite concerns about multiple candidates’ handling of classified information in recent presidential elections.

Both Ingraham and Jordan criticized the selective application of justice and the failure to hold individuals accountable for mishandling classified information. They compared this to the treatment of Trump, who faced prosecution despite having the authority to determine the classification of information as the President of the United States.

The interview concluded with Ingraham expressing gratitude to Jordan for his insights. This discussion shed light on the ongoing controversy surrounding the Biden administration’s refusal to release the audio recordings, raising questions about the consistency and fairness of the justice system.