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Greenway Warns of Weakened U.S. Position Amid Biden’s Policies



Robert Greenway, director of the Allison Center for National Security at The Heritage Foundation, appeared on Laura Ingraham’s show to discuss the Biden administration’s foreign policy, particularly its impact on America’s standing globally. Greenway, a former senior director for the National Security Council under President Trump, expressed concerns over policies he believes are empowering America’s adversaries and constraining its allies.

Highlighting a stark contrast to the previous administration’s approach, Greenway pointed out, “The Biden administration has done more to improve the situation of our adversaries than our own country, and certainly those of our partners and allies.” He cited economic growth in countries like China, Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, which he claims are outpacing the U.S. under Biden’s leadership.

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Greenway also addressed the recent attack against Israel, describing it as a “dangerous escalation” akin to a declaration of war. He argued that such developments prove that the “peace through strength” policies of the Trump era were beneficial, whereas the current administration’s strategies have deleterious consequences.

The discussion also touched on domestic issues, with Ingraham bringing up recent pro-Palestinian protests in Seattle and broader concerns regarding immigration policies. Greenway criticized the handling of immigration under Biden, noting an increase in illegal crossings and highlighting security concerns about individuals on terrorist watchlists entering the U.S.

The segment underscored ongoing debates about U.S. foreign and domestic policies, with Greenway emphasizing the need for a return to policies that prioritize American security and prosperity.