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Border Security

Sen. Schmitt Calls Out Lax Policies as Chinese Border Crossings Skyrocket



On a recent episode of Laura Ingraham’s show, Missouri Senator Eric Schmitt discussed the significant uptick in Chinese nationals crossing the U.S. border, highlighting a 7,000% increase since 2021. Schmitt attributed this surge to what he described as the consequence of an “open border” policy, asserting that the current administration’s lax enforcement has led to potential security concerns, including espionage at military installations.

During the segment, Schmitt criticized the Democrats for their handling of immigration and border security, linking it to broader political strategies aimed at influencing future electoral reapportionment. He mentioned the impeachment proceedings of DHS Secretary Mayorkas, arguing that the absence of a trial underscored a disregard for constitutional norms by the Democrats.

Democrats Must Own Up To Their Failures

Secretary Mayorkas was also mentioned during the discussion, particularly regarding his recent engagement with Chinese authorities to start accepting deportation flights—a measure intended to establish a “consequence regime” for Chinese nationals in the U.S. without legal grounds. However, Schmitt expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of these negotiations, given the strict controls of the Chinese government over its citizens.

The conversation then shifted to the topic of TikTok and its ownership by a Chinese company, which Schmitt argued poses a national security risk through potential data harvesting and surveillance. He advocated for legislation to force the sale of TikTok to reduce these risks, criticizing the Democratic opposition for blocking such measures.