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Nigel Farage Reveals Suppression Tactics in Europe



Nigel Farage blasted European authorities for suppressing conservative voices during a compelling exchange with Laura Ingraham on her show, highlighting stark parallels between the political climates in Europe and the United States. Ingraham criticized American liberals’ admiration for European and Canadian social policies, which often disparage traditionalist views and nationalist sentiments as forms of hate speech.

Describing a recent incident in Brussels, Farage recounted how a conference on national conservatism, which featured prominent figures like himself and Viktor Orban, was forcibly shut down by the police under orders from local authorities. He likened these censorship tactics to those used during the Soviet era in Hungary, emphasizing a troubling trend of stifling free expression under the pretense of maintaining public safety. “The police came into the room to close the whole thing down,” Farage said, underlining the severity of the crackdown on free speech.

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Ingraham drew parallels to recent events in the U.S., pointing out similar tactics used during the COVID-19 pandemic, where individuals faced severe repercussions for their stances on public health measures. She suggested that these instances are indicative of a broader use of public health and safety excuses to infringe upon free speech rights.

Farage highlighted the resilience of the conference attendees, noting that despite the initial shutdown, the high court in Brussels later overturned the mayor’s order, marking a significant victory for free speech advocates. However, he cautioned that this win does not signal the end of the struggle against ideological suppression. “The liberals are now so full of their own moral superiority, they believe they are better people than us and that we have to be canceled,” Farage warned.