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Is Gen Z Dating Culture Shaped by Laziness or Economics?



Gen Zers Isabel Brown and Morgan McMichael recently joined ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss their generation’s approach to dating in the digital world. 

With virtual dates becoming a trend due to affordability and comfort, Laura Ingraham questioned whether the shift was a result of Biden-nomics or Gen Z laziness.

“I honestly think it’s Gen Z laziness,” McMichael said. “I can understand the cost increasing of going on dating, but when we look at our generation, 73% of us are feeling a sense of loneliness and we’re facing financial insecurities, anxiety, and stress. So I think my generation just needs to get out there and actually get some human interaction in there.”

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Brown agreed with McMichael but added that it is encouraging to see her generation long for real human connection. 

“Surveys out there are showing that 93% of Gen Zers from across the spectrum still want to get married. For the first time ever in the last several years, the marriage rate is actually back up to pre-pandemic levels as of just a few days ago,” Brown explained. 

“We’re quitting our hormonal birth control, we’re deleting those dating apps, and we’re realizing we want so much more than what culture has to offer. As for Zoom calls and Facetimes,you know, I think that’s just a new version and a new venue for what young people have always been doing – talking to each other on the phone before they go on a date in person.”

Ingraham enjoyed the optimism radiating from McMichael and Brown and added that with the revival of speed dating, not all hope may be lost for Gen Z and love.