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Family Under Fire: How the Left is Destroying Traditions



In a recent segment of “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News, Laura Ingraham discussed the left’s aggressive stance against traditional family values with guests Isabel Brown, a contributor at Turning Point USA, and Evita Duffy-Alfonso, a contributor at The Federalist. The conversation highlighted how left-wing ideologies increasingly portray the family unit and marriage in a negative light.

Ingraham opened the segment by highlighting a disturbing trend where the left equates the traditional family structure with Nazi ideology. “The idea of family has Nazi origins,” she quoted a far-left radical, illustrating the extreme rhetoric used to vilify family values. Ingraham pointed out that, according to some leftist ideologies, simply valuing family and marriage could brand one as a Nazi.

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Isabel Brown responded to Ingraham’s remarks by pointing out the broader agenda against the nuclear family. “They sure do, Laura,” Brown agreed. She explained how movements like Black Lives Matter and feminist groups have been advocating for the abolition of the nuclear family, leading to declining marriage rates worldwide. However, Brown remained optimistic about the younger generation’s views on marriage. “A recent Her Campus study found that 93% of our generation still wants to get married,” she said. Brown believes that the negative portrayal of marriage is creating a counter-cultural backlash among young people, making marriage and family a form of rebellion against mainstream cultural narratives.

Ingraham noted the left’s contradictory messages about gender roles and religion. She pointed out how leftist narratives often criticize traditional gender roles while celebrating women’s departure from organized religion. This led to a broader discussion about the cultural Marxist ideology that underpins these views.

Evita Duffy-Alfonso provided further insight, explaining how the left’s attacks on the family are rooted in a desire to undermine any loyalty that isn’t directed towards the state. “The reason that the left is smearing families is because they fear family. If you are loyal to your family, you are not loyal to the state,” she said. Duffy-Alfonso highlighted how various left-wing movements, from fat acceptance to hookup culture, have particularly harmed women, making them deeply unhappy. “Liberal women are the most mentally ill demographic in America,” she stated, citing Pew Research. She argued that the left’s ideologies have not only failed to bring happiness but have also been politically motivated to keep women single and aligned with leftist politics.

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In closing, Ingraham emphasized that traditional values such as family and faith are seen as threats to the left’s power structure. She congratulated Isabel Brown on her upcoming marriage, viewing it as a positive sign of a revival in traditional values. “Congratulations on that. Best wishes,” Ingraham said, affirming the enduring importance of family and marriage in society.

This segment highlighted the intense ideological battle over family and marriage, with conservative voices like Ingraham, Brown, and Duffy-Alfonso advocating for the preservation of these fundamental values against the left’s attempts to undermine them.