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Bill Bennett Exposes Who’s Behind The Campus Chaos



In a recent episode of ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Bill Bennett, former U.S. Secretary of Education, joined Laura to discuss the alarming anti-Israel demonstrations occurring across institutions around America. 

Instead of condemning pro-Hamas protests on campuses, Ingraham pointed out that certain universities are simply giving in to leftist tantrums. 

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“What’s the worst thing any parent can do when a child throws a tantrum? Well, that’s easy parents, you know that. Give in to them. Oh, here’s a candy bar. Stop crying,” Ingraham explained. 

“Well, that’s what Rutgers University is doing with the pro-Hamas wing, the Democrat Student Alliance. They’re reportedly caving to eight of the ten demands that the protesters put out, including accepting at least ten displaced Gazan students to study at the university on a scholarship and hiring additional professors who specialize in Palestine and Middle Eastern studies. Well, are they going to be anti-Jewish? Well, we’ll see.”

However, normal students, as Ingraham highlighted, are fed up with the leftist agenda – especially since classes at certain universities were forced to become remote and graduations canceled. 

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Normal kids are fed up. And I imagine normal kids would be fed up at Columbia,” Bennett agreed. “But this is what happens when adults capitulate their authority. They give it up. You talked about the temper tantrum. That’s right. Now, who’s in charge at Columbia? Who’s in charge at Rutgers? Who’s in charge at UCLA? Certainly not the administrators. It’s those demonstrators, a small group of demonstrators closing down these institutions.”