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Mike Davis: Trump’s Gag Order Is ‘Unconstitutional’



On May 6, 2024, Judge Juan Merchan fined and held Donald Trump in contempt of court after violating a gag order for the 10th time – warning the next ‘possible’ president that he could face jail time if future infractions occur. 

On ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, discussed why he believes Trump’s gag order to be vague and unconstitutional.

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“So you have this Democrats Manhattan judge who donated to Biden and whose adult daughter, Lauren Merchan, is raising millions of dollars off of this case, working with a Biden Democrat political appointee and Democrat National Committee consultant, Matthew Colangelo, to illegally gag a criminal defendant during his trial while they let Michael Cohen, a disbarred attorney, and, perjurer, go on TikTok and make money trashing Trump,” Davis explained.  

“And if Trump mentions any of that, this judge is threatening to put Trump in jail. This is clearly unconstitutional. This is clearly lawfare and Democrat election interference.”

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Davis further added that “gag orders are supposed to protect criminal defendants, not the government, to make sure criminal defendants have their constitutional rights to a fair trial. 

“In a speedy, fair, and speedy trial, this judge and this Biden Democrat prosecutor, they have turned the Constitution on its head from a shield into a sword.”